Shocking! Linkin Park Singer,Chester Bennington, Was Sexually Molested A Several Times! Here’s His Journey From Beginning Till The End. –


We all are correct now grieving the dying of the music legend Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park. He was an awesome particular person, an awesome singer, an awesome husband, an awesome dad, and an superior public decide. We solely know him as an individual with an awesome life and an individual who has all of the superstar and money on the planet. We should take a second to know further about his life and his hardships he suffered as a toddler. He was a toddler from a underneath middle-class family who was molested and neglected. A little one who has been molested reaching such huge heights deserves a minimum of that loads respect.

Here are our ultimate respects to the legend, Chester Bennington (March 20, 1976 – July 20, 2017):

1. Chester Bennington was born in Phoenix, Arizona. His mother was a nurse, whereas his father was a police detective who labored with infant intercourse abuse situations.

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He appeared good as a toddler. There aren’t many pictures of him from his infant hood.

2. His dad and mother divorced when he was 11 years earlier, and his father gained custody of him.

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After the divorce, Bennington started abusing marijuana, alcohol, opium, cocaine, methamphetamine, and LSD. He lastly overcame his drug behavior and would go on to denounce drug use in future interviews. During one Linkin Park tour, he started carefully consuming. In 2011, he claimed to have cease, noting: “I merely don’t want to be that particular person anymore.

three. At the age of 17, Bennington moved in alongside together with his mother and was banned from leaving the house when his mother discovered his drug train.


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He labored at a Burger King sooner than starting his occupation as an skilled musician. He was bodily bullied in highschool. In an interview, he talked about: “I, was knocked around like a rag doll at school, for being skinny and looking different.”

4. Chester Bennington was molested in his childhood.


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“When I was young, getting beaten up and pretty much raped was no fun,” he says out of the blue and disarmingly. “No one wants that to happen to you and honestly, I don’t remember when it started. But about four years ago I went to visit my mom and I saw a picture of myself and I remember very clearly when that picture was taken. All of a sudden, because I had kids, I looked at it and thought: ‘Wow, that’s what I looked like.’ And then I remembered. Oh, my God. I remember that being molested at that stage and even thinking about it now makes me want to cry. Oh, my God, that was fucking happening to me and I was just that little, much earlier than I’d remembered. My God, no wonder I became a drug addict. No wonder I just went completely insane for a little while.” – Chester was quoted saying this in an interview. He talked about that he was molested was solely a phrase, he was virtually raped.

5. Bennington first began singing with a band generally known as Sean Dowdell and His Friends. They launched an eponymous three-observe cassette in 1993.


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Later, Sean Dowdell and Bennington moved on to kind a model new band, Grey Daze, a put up-grunge band from Phoenix, Arizona. Bennington left Grey Daze in 1998 nevertheless struggled to hunt out one different band. 

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