Auto Mechanics Share 10 Things You Should Never Do to Your Car


While trendy vehicles have numerous security options and a pc which retains the whole lot operating easily, together with blocking the conflicting instructions and warning the motive force about potential points, it is nonetheless a good thought to keep away from doing sure issues.

Bright Side chosen a few issues you need to NOT do together with your automobile.

1. Don’t press “off engine” whereas driving

If you occur to do it by accident whereas driving with cheap excessive velocity, nothing unhealthy will occur. Modern vehicles have many security options to stop these kinds of issues. Anyhow, simply don’t do it.

2. Don’t choose “reverse” whereas driving

Another factor you need to keep away from is choosing “reverse” whereas driving. Although the pc system in your automobile ought to ignore the command “reverse” and nothing will in all probability occur, it is simply not a good thought.

three. Don’t choose “park” whereas driving

Do not attempt it. The pc in your automobile will block this command for security motive, however giving conflicting orders might eventially injury your automobile.

four. Don’t connect too many keys to the inginion key

Too many keys might be fairly heavy and the burden might doubtlessly injury your ignition swap over time. Separate them; maintain only a couple of keys on the automobile key ring.

5. Change oil

Follow the producer’s specification on how typically to change the oil — it’s there for a motive. This particularly applies to model new vehicles. Some producers use very skinny oil when the vehicles go away the manufacturing facility, and this oil MUST be modified at about 1000 km.

6. Don’t overfill the engine

The engine all the time comes with the dipstick, which has the “full” level indicated. Fill it to this degree and don’t fill it to the highest like a bottle as this can trigger catastrophic failure and smoke eminating from all corners of the automobile.

7. Don’t wait till the gasoline tank is empty

Even the cleanest petrol have some small particles in it and gravity retains it at the underside of your petrol tank. If you drive “on fumes” this residue will get sucked into the engine. Generally talking, it’s a good observe to refill the automobile when it will get to about one-quarter of the tank.

Also, as these are moist pumps, they work greatest totally submerged.

eight. Don’t ignore warning indicators

Not all warning indicators are the identical for all vehicles, however, typically, they’re color-coded. A inexperienced (or generally blue) indicators is an indication  explicit system is activated. A yellow image usually signifies that one thing must be serviced or checked. Red means some kind of critical challenge and you need to cease as quickly as attainable as a result of the automobile could also be unsafe to drive.

Generally talking, if a warning mild on the dashboard goes off, do not ignore it and name a mechanic as quickly as attainable.

9. Tires — verify strain

Another good observe: verify the tire strain every so often. If you may really feel  tire could be flat, it’s usually already flat as a pancake and has been like that for a whereas. Driving with unfilled tires is very unsafe. Plus, it’s carrying the tires in a short time.

10. Wheels — verify stability

If you occur to hit the curb (come on, we all have finished it) take the automobile to a workshop and ask the mechanics to verify the stability and alignment. If the wheels are out of stability, you then don’t have good management of your automobile. Better to be secure than sorry.

If you suppose that we haven’t talked about one thing necessary, please write about it in the feedback. Also, share it with your folks so we all drive safely.

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