5 Mysteries of Leonardo da Vinci’s Famous Paintings


What different mysteries has this legendary grasp hidden in his works?

Bright Side gives you the possibility to uncover the great world of the nice artist.

5. A mistake in the portray Salvator Mundi

If you are taking a shut have a look at the portray, you’ll discover that the sphere Jesus’ hand is clear. But Leonardo, who studied the legal guidelines of optics fastidiously, ought to’ve identified that the background behind the crystal sphere can’t seem this fashion. The background needs to be enlarged and will seem out of focus.

four. A shocking truth about The Last Supper

What might unite Jesus and Judas on this canvas? There is a legend based on which the identical particular person was a mannequin for each Jesus and Judas. Unfortunately, it’s unknown who this particular person was.

According to the legend, da Vinci discovered his Jesus in the church choir the place the latter served as a chorister. Later, when the portray was virtually completed, the grasp couldn’t discover anybody for the position of Judas and that’s when he stumbled on a drunk man mendacity in a ditch. When da Vinci completed portray the picture of Judas, the mannequin confessed that he acknowledged the portray as a result of he posed for it as Jesus three years in the past.

three. Another shocking truth about The Last Supper

Another attention-grabbing element in this portray is the overturned salt shaker mendacity subsequent to Judas. It’s potential that this will assist the idea that spilled salt results in bother, because the canvas depicts the second when Jesus says that one in every of the gathered will betray him.

2. A current revelation relating to The Portrait of Isabella d’Este

The Portrait of Isabella d’Este has been not too long ago discovered and based on scientists, it belongs to the works of Leonardo da Vinci. This is indicated by a pigment and a primer equivalent to these utilized by the artist, as properly as the very picture of the lady who’s extremely just like Mona Lisa — notably her smile.

1. The varied variations of Lady with an Ermine

Lady with an Ermine handed by way of a new scanning approach and stunned scientists with the truth that it was not at all times an ermine that the portray depicted. At least 2 variations of the portrait had been painted on the identical canvas earlier than it took on the shape we know now. The first model was with out the ermine and the second depicted a completely different animal totally.

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