7 Things Your Pee Is Trying to Tell You About Your Health


It may sound unusual, however each time you go to the bathroom you might have a likelihood to test up on your well being. By checking the colour of your urine, you possibly can see whether or not your physique is doing properly or if it’s worthwhile to see a physician. Sounds simple, proper? Now you simply have to know the potential causes (severe or not) behind every colour.

Bright Side researched what the colour of your urine reveals about your well being and solutions for what you possibly can do. Have you ever seen your urine seem to be considered one of these colours?


Some anti-inflammatory medication (Azulfidine), chemotherapy medication, and laxatives with senna may cause an orange colour. Overconsumption of vitamin B2 or beta-carotene (carrots) is also a cause. If you weren’t uncovered to any of the above, then:

  • Drink extra water. Dehydration may cause urine to be extremely concentrated and range from darkish yellow to orange. In only a couple of hours, it ought to return to its regular clear yellow colour.
  • Check your eyes. If you discover any yellowish tint in the whites of your eyes, then orange urine may be a signal that your liver is not functioning correctly. You ought to make an appointment with a physician instantly.

Pink and reddish

It’s most likely alarming to see reddish or pink urine, however it is not essentially severe as it could possibly be brought on by meals or medicines. Before worrying, see the explanations behind this colour.

Foods: If you ate beetroot, blackberries, or rhubarb, then you don’t have anything to fear about. Some of the compounds that make these meals purple are excreted in your urine after the kidneys do their job. Normally, it clears up by the subsequent day. If it doesn’t, it is best to make an appointment with a physician.

Medications: Certain antibiotics (like Rifadin and Rimactane) used to deal with tuberculosis can flip urine reddish. Phenazopyridine, which is used to deal with urinary tract infections, and laxatives containing senna may also be causes for a pinkish colour.

Blood: Blood in your urine may be a signal of a urinary tract an infection, kidney illness, cancerous or noncancerous tumors, or bladder or kidney stones. If you see any blood clots or different tissues in your urine, see your physician instantly. Specialists stress that that is uncommon however underdiagnosed, particularly in ladies as they normally shrug it off as a bizarre interval fluke.

Green or blue

It may be surprising to see this colour, however it’s uncommon and could possibly be triggered by:

Foods: Eating artificially dyed meals or asparagus. Nothing to fear about. It will clear up in a day or 2.

Medications: Some medicines (like Amitriptyline, Indomethacin, and Propofol) may cause the change of colour.

Attention: If you haven’t been uncovered to any of the above, then it is best to contact your physician. A inexperienced colour can sign a uncommon urinary tract an infection brought on by the micro organism Pseudomonas. The bug also can trigger kidney stones.


If you see brown shades in your urine, it could possibly be a signal of dehydration. Among the meals that may flip your urine brown are rhubarb and fava beans. But it’s higher to get it checked out, particularly if you drink plenty of water however the colour doesn’t go away. Brown urine may point out issues along with your liver and kidneys.

Attention: If your brown urine is adopted by belly ache, rashes, and seizures, there may be a excessive risk of a genetic situation. Also, blood seems brownish when it disintegrates, and this may be a signal of a extra severe situation like a tumor.

Foaming or fizzing

Having foamy urine from time to time is regular and is normally on account of the pace of urination. But if it retains coming again and is extra noticeable over time, it is best to see your physician.

Foamy or fizzing urine may be a signal of protein in your urine, and this wants skilled analysis as an elevated quantity can sign a severe kidney downside.


If your urine is fully clear, it is a signal that you’re consuming an excessive amount of water. This may cause sure dangers, an important of which is diluting the salts in your physique. This can create a problematic chemical imbalance in your physique. You ought to take into account consuming much less water.

Pale straw yellow, clear yellow, darkish yellow

These colours imply you don’t have anything to fear about. Ideally, your urine needs to be a pale gold colour. A pale yellow exhibits a good stability between being underneath and over hydrated. More concentrated urine is a signal that you simply want extra water. Just maintain in thoughts one golden rule: if it appears like lemonade — good for you!

Do you ever take note of the colour of your urine? Do you’re feeling bizarre checking it? Share with us in the feedback.

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