17 Curious Things That Will Happen to You in Space


Gazing at the celebrities, we all ask ourselves, “What would happen if I went into space?” The solely individuals who may give us solutions are the astronauts which have traveled there and again. We at Bright Side researched the curious issues that occur to a human in house. There is additionally a thought-provoking principle about black holes and falling into them.

17. Your eyesight will drop dramatically.

Visual impairment intracranial stress syndrome (VIIP) is a visible impairment that almost all astronauts report after staying in house for an prolonged interval of time. NASA has carried out analysis on the subject, however to date no specific trigger has been established. The house mission to Mars could also be underneath query till scientists work out  assist the astronauts with this syndrome.

16. You will develop a few inches.

If you considered rising only a few inches taller, then going to house might assist you to quickly. The absence of gravitational forces makes the human backbone stretch. A sequence of ultrasound checks confirmed why astronauts come again a bit taller.

15. Radiation publicity will have an effect on your well being.

In preparation for the mission to Mars, NASA’s scientists have been finding out the extended results of radiation on the human physique. The ambiance on Mars is a lot weaker than that of Earth, so it doesn’t utterly protect the planet from house radiation. Thus, the extra we find out about  stop publicity to such quantities of radiation, the simpler it will likely be for the individuals who will go to Mars.

14. Your nails may fall off.

22 astronauts reported dropping their fingernails after journeys to the International Space Station. A research stated  peculiar design of their gloves put stress on the nails, inflicting them to fall off. This drawback will probably be solved by a new design of gloves for spacewalks.

13. Your internal ear will cease working as an accelerometer.

The human internal ear works as an accelerometer: after we expertise a change in movement, it helps us to not get sick. The story is completely different when a human is in house. This little “device” breaks, and astronauts report experiencing movement illness for a day or 2 after they arrive at the house station. Let’s hope this will likely be solved with the invention of synthetic gravity.

12. There will likely be a drawback with physique fluids.

The lack of gravity additionally causes a peculiar change in the way in which the fluids contained in the human physique move. Instead of going again to the decrease limbs as on Earth, the blood, as an example, travels all the way in which to the pinnacle. That is why some astronauts look extra “round” when they’re again.

11. Your coronary heart will shrink.

The coronary heart additionally experiences a lot of modifications in house. For instance, it pumps much less blood and modifications its form to be extra spherical. Studies on astronauts might assist not solely to keep away from such cardio issues in the longer term in house but in addition for folks on Earth.

10. Your muscle mass will develop into weak.

Astronauts should practice at all instances whereas in house. A situation referred to as atrophy might weaken the muscle mass and bones after a lengthy journey to house. Therefore, all individuals who journey in house are inspired to train every day.

9. You may expertise psychological points.

Remember watching all these sci-fi motion pictures about folks going loopy onboard spaceships? Well, it may develop into a actuality with a mission to Mars. To keep away from such a scenario, NASA and Russia’s Space Agency “Roscosmos” have carried out many research and can proceed to do so to see what occurs to folks in shut confinement.

eight. What occurs if your house swimsuit breaks in open house?

If you wonder if it is potential to survive in open house if one thing goes awry together with your spacesuit, right here is what we know so far:

  • You would lose consciousness in 15 seconds.
  • This could be adopted by asphyxiation or decompression.
  • 10 seconds in open house makes you bubble up with blood.
  • Your lungs would collapse in 30 seconds.

To sum up, you’d be lifeless in lower than a minute.

7. How does gravity work on your physique?

Gravity, or a lack of it, has profound results on a human physique in house. That is why the extra the scientists research  recreate it for astronauts, the higher the efficiency of the latter will be. Stephen Hawking, the well-known physicist, skilled it in 2007. “Space, here I come,” he stated after his zero-gravity flight.

6. This twin research is revealing extra in regards to the human physique in house.

Identical twins Scott and Mark Kelly grew to become the topics of a research about “the safety and performance of individual astronauts.” While Scott went to house, Mark stayed on Earth. They each carried out similar medical checks. The scientists then in contrast the info, and the outcomes are fascinating. For instance, C reactive protein ranges, a marker for irritation, have been excessive for Scott as a result of the stress he skilled throughout touchdown. The analysis is nonetheless ongoing, and it will probably assist us to perceive the modifications a human physique experiences in house on a genetical degree.

5. Falling right into a black gap may stretch your physique and break it into ions.

Hypothetically, if a human fell right into a black gap, he or she would expertise excessive “stretching.” Their sense of time would additionally change. A individual could be in a position to see each the longer term and the previous at the identical time. However, it is most definitely that instantaneous demise would happen as their physique and mind would dissolve into ions.

four. You will develop a sense of humor.

An astronaut’s job is thought of one in every of probably the most harmful and tough in the world. Thus, having a sense of humor is at all times useful to survive each bodily and emotional stress.

In this picture, an astronaut holds up a “For Sale” signal for 2 satellites not functioning correctly.

three. You will miss Earth (dwelling) greater than ever.

It could also be probably the most fascinating expertise for astronauts to be in house, however all of them lengthy for dwelling.

2. You will develop into extra superstitious.

Having a little little bit of luck has not harmed anybody, particularly when coping with house and modifications your physique goes by there. This Apollo Mission 10 picture is a proof of that.

1. If you float away into house, it will occur:

If an astronaut floats away from the station in case of the malfunctioning of his spacesuit, or some other disastrous occasion, issues would get very gloomy quick — if not rescued by the crew on the station, he or she would face a destiny of floating in open house for up 6 hours till the oxygen runs out. This is a horrifying demise situation for any of the astronauts. However, NASA and different house companies world wide be sure that an astronaut has an alternative to get again to the station safely — by utilizing Simplified Aid for EVA Rescue.

Now that you already know what occurs to astronauts, share with us whether or not you’d need to enroll for a Mars mission which may take off in the subsequent 20 years.

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