24 Photos Showing That Australia Is Not Just Another Country, It’s a Different World


When we take into consideration Australia, we usually take into consideration kangaroos, snakes, sharks, and maybe bugs as nicely. But the Aussie world is so a lot greater.

Bright Side desires to present you some fascinating information about life in Australia, and the bonus image will certainly shock you. Let’s take a quick journey Down Under!

1. Roos in the entrance yard

It is common for an Aussie to benefit from the firm of wallabies or kangaroos. There is loads of land and sunshine for everyone.

On the opposite hand, each Australian is conscious that kangaroos, wallabies, and koalas have large claws, so it’s a good concept to hold a ways from them. Just in case.

2. Driving in summer season

You know that you’re in Australia if you can not contact the steering wheel with out oven gloves. What can we say? It’s scorching.

three. Voting

Australians are very informal, and it’s scorching. Very scorching.

Voting in Australia is obligatory. If you don’t vote, you get a positive.

four. Nature

It might look fairly and peaceable, however hold in thoughts that hundreds of totally different creatures right here will attempt to kill or at least hurt you. Sharks, snakes, crocodiles, even a jellyfish — all of them wish to get you. OMG, how do folks survive over there?!

However, most of these creatures are very uncommon, stay in remoted areas, and often run away from you means earlier than you even spot them. But each Australian is aware of to hold an eye out for snakes, spiders, and a few different nasty issues.

5. Monotremes

The monotremes are the mammals that lay eggs as a substitute of giving delivery to stay cubs, and Australia is dwelling to these unbelievable animals. It appears that any person with a nice sense of humor determined to borrow totally different items from many animals and mix all of them collectively.

That’s how Australia obtained the platypus: the beak of a duck, the tail of a beaver, and the toes of an otter.

Another one is the echidna, which has spines like a hedgehog, a pouch like a kangaroo, and a beak like a chook.

6. Marsupials

Marsupials carry their children in a pouch. The newborns crawl to the security of mama’s pocket and keep there for a whereas. Well-known marsupials are kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, possums, opossums, wombats, and Tasmanian devils.

7. Sugar gliders

This cute little animal lives in Australia, New Guinea, and a few Indonesian islands. They seem like a small squirrel, and so they can glide.

eight. The laughing kookaburra

What may be extra “inspiring” than waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning from this Homeric laughing coming from a little chook having fun with itself on YOUR balcony? Maybe 2 birds?! If you want a good giggle, hear to them.

The kookaburra is a native of Australia and New Guinea and is identified for its distinctive look and sound.

9. Christmas

While most of the world celebrates Christmas in winter and a few folks even have the chance to take pleasure in a white Christmas, Australians have it in the center of summer season. They typically spend it on the seaside or close to a pool.

10. Road indicators

Aussies love their wildlife. While the remainder of the world slows down for pedestrians, Australian drivers change their velocity for kangaroos and koalas. Just kidding! They decelerate for pedestrians as nicely.

11. Vegemite

Can any person clarify to us how and why this black substance, which seems to be like heavy residual oil, grew to become the nationwide delicacy? It has a very distinctive scent and style, and also you both like it or hate it.

12. Cassowaries

These birds stay solely in Australia and New Guinea, and so they seem like any person mixed a turkey and an ostrich. They are very fairly and colourful, however don’t be disrespectful to these fascinating birds as they will completely kill you.

13. Magpies and cyclists

Every bike owner in Australia is aware of how nasty these birds may be in springtime. They will chase and assault with no mercy. This is why cyclists put on these humorous helmets with spikes that seem like hedgehogs.

14. Wi-Fi

This is the painful half. Wi-Fi in Australia is not simply gradual — it’s lethal gradual.

15. Strict quarantine guidelines

Australia is extraordinarily strict about what you’re allowed to herald from abroad. It additionally applies to pets, and Johnny Depp discovered this the arduous means a couple of minutes in the past. Most of the time, pets need to keep beneath quarantine for a very long time earlier than being allowed to get to Australia. We don’t imply days; we imply MONTHS. The motive for that is that some widespread animal illnesses have by no means been reported in Australia.

16. Free fruit for teenagers

A few years in the past, one in every of the most important grocery store chains began a marketing campaign of “free fruit for kids.” The basket will get stuffed with pears, apples, and bananas, and youngsters can take a piece of fruit to take pleasure in whereas their dad and mom get the groceries. Lots of folks questioned the hygiene, however it is most likely up to the dad and mom how one can take care of it. We suppose it’s a nice concept.

17. Street fights

Street fights in Australia seem like this. If you occur to get someplace close to it, do not become involved. In truth, keep as removed from these guys as doable, and allow them to determine who the most important boy in the state is. And hold your canines away too.

18. Gigantic lace goanna

When we say “lizard,” we usually take into consideration a tiny cutie. But not if you’re in Australia. This factor can develop up to 6 toes. Another fascinating truth is that the lace goanna can climb timber. Just think about: a 6-feet-tall reptile climbing the tree in your yard or, even higher, the wall of your home.

19. Pygmy possum

Let’s be truthful — not each animal in Australia is harmful, scary, venomous, or making an attempt to kill you. This lovable pygmy possum will soften your coronary heart, similar to it did to ours.

20. Quokka

Another cute native animal is the quokka. They stay in very remoted areas of Western Australia and usually are not very simple to meet. They are concerning the measurement of a cat, and it appears that they love taking selfies and are all the time smiling.

21. Australian firefighters

In 1993, The Australian Firefighters Calendar Campaign began its journey, and it has raised greater than $2.three million since. Shirtless Aussie firefighters pose with puppies, kittens, and koalas, and they’re scorching certainly.

Yes, they’re actual firefighters, not fashions.

No, you can not make false calls about fires. You simply need to purchase the calendar.

22. AFL

AFL is the Australian Football League, and also you would possibly guess that it is a very Australian sport. The guidelines are fairly totally different from Rugby League. And the shorts are fairly shorter…

23. Danger scale

You know that you’re in Australia when the second lowest grade on the fireplace hazard scale is HIGH.

24. Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is well-known not just for its distinctive look but in addition for its horrible acoustics. It appears that the architect of the Opera House didn’t actually plan that it may be used for operas.

Bonus: Hail

Hailstorms in Australia are comparatively widespread. The good factor is that they solely final for a jiffy. The dangerous factor is that they will do plenty of harm. Everybody in Australia is aware of that if it seems to be prefer it would possibly begin hailing, keep inside, and get your pets beneath cowl.

Apparently, if you’re driving, the most secure factor to do is get on the ground in entrance of the again seat after which recline the again of the entrance seat down on prime of you so the cushion protects you from the glass if the windscreen will get smashed. Of course, you need to cease first. But if your automobile is a convertible or has a sun-roof, you may be in bother.

We simply noticed how superb this world is. If we forgot one thing fascinating, please write about it in the feedback. And share it with your folks.

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