10+ Proofs That Weirdest Things Can Be Found on the Internet


Have you ever found one thing on the Internet that was nearly not possible to imagine?

The Internet is certainly a treasure trove of data. The extra you dive, the extra amazed you grow to be. Bright Side brings you some unimaginable discoveries made on-line by some very shocked folks.

“If you’ve ever wondered what owls look like without feathers, now you won’t be able to unsee it.”

Yes, I would positively prefer to unsee this. Are they aliens or one thing?

A secret tip from a prime chef:

“I thought of getting a turtle for my terrarium, but now I think I’ll get a snake.”

Bonus reality: A sure species of turtles in China can pee from their mouths. Just so you understand.

Brawn over mind:

The delusion of my entire childhood busted.

Google steered that I swim throughout the Atlantic Ocean:

Knowing that Google is omniscient, I now really feel like Michael Phelps!

Dogs, cats, and kangaroos:

Hey, there’s even a bowl of cat meals there!

Love Pacman music?


Long earlier than the worldwide craze, Pokémon had conquered an total nation and was even used for the official forex. Niue, a nation close to New Zealand, issued Pokémon cash in 2001.

Funny contractions:

They made me test it out for myself.

Life of Pi:

Maybe that’s how the phrase Pi got here round.

Is that Voldemort’s Nagini?

Nagini or not, this warned me to steer clear of all snakes — alive or lifeless.

“Miracles do happen, you must believe in them.”

We can’t assist however marvel what the story is behind this prevalence.

All water is dinosaur pee… Yuck!

The chance of consuming a glass of water that comprises a molecule of water that additionally handed via a dinosaur is 100%.

“Ate chicken curry from a toilet, and it was tasty!”

There is a rest room themed restaurant in Japan the place diners sit on acrylic bogs and dessert is served in a dish that resembles a squat rest room.

Oink-oink! Swineball begins!

Swineball is a soccer-like sport for pigs that’s a part of the Pig Olympics.

“This is how my parents introduce me to people who meet me for the first time.”

A city in Maryland, US. They couldn’t discover a higher title?

Do you typically come throughout new and shocking data on the Internet?

Perhaps you could have even found one thing new on the net as we speak! Be positive to share with us in the feedback under.

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