26 Pictures Depicting the Real Power of Destiny


How many occasions have you ever managed to seem in the proper place at the proper time? These folks beneath can affirm that only one second can change your entire life in a magnificent means.

Bright Side gathered tales that may persuade even the most skeptical those who future exists.

26. “My cousin was in his future wife’s family picture (on the left) 7 years before they met.”

25. “In preschool, we always used to be together, but we lost touch in the future. 20 years later, we met at our friends’ place, and now we date again.”

24. “My wife and I about age 10 took the same vacation pic. We didn’t meet until we were 30.”

23. After their wedding ceremony, Aimee and Nick determined to look via their previous pics and realized that they met as soon as in an amusement park. They utterly forgot about that.

22. She wasn’t fairly happy when he invited her to dance throughout a faculty occasion. But years later, they danced at their very own wedding ceremony.

21. Their love was born at Woodstock, they usually’re nonetheless collectively after 48 years.

20. “I fell in love with him when I saw him on a merry-go-round. But I told him about my feelings only in high school. It turned out that he fell in love too.”

19. “We knew each other all our lives. And I’m sure we were destined to be together.”

18. “Once, a homeless guy asked me to give him money so he could buy a lottery ticket. I wasn’t sure he was honest but helped him anyway. The next day, he came to me, returned some coins, and said he won $250,000.”

17. “I’m from Canada, and he’s from France. But we met in Thailand when taking up diving. It’s been 3 years, and we’re still together.”

16. Alex fell in love with Adam at first sight. But if they hadn’t met once more at a relative’s wedding ceremony, she would have by no means revealed her emotions.

15. Michael and Natali have been born in Saudi Arabia. They have been buddies in childhood, however they misplaced contact. 20 years later, they discovered one another on Facebook and obtained married.

14. They have been youngsters at the wedding ceremony of their mother and father’ buddies. Now they’re getting married too.

13. In the spring of 2014, Heather wanted a liver transplant. Chris, who had by no means seen her, was her donor. They later obtained married.

12. “10 years ago, I told my silly classmate that I was in love with him. I was 15. Now I’m 25, we’re married, and he’s still silly.”

11. She simply wished to discover zoo tickets on Twitter. But she discovered her future husband.

10. “After the wedding, I found this picture of my husband and me in kindergarten. I didn’t even know about that.”

9. “At ages 2 and 4, my parents were next-door neighbors. Tomorrow is their 25th anniversary.”

eight. “My grandparents posing for National Geographic. 60 years later, they’re nonetheless collectively.”

7. Thanks to a laundry room, they’re now engaged.

6. Ned, a soccer participant, was transferred to one other faculty and fell in love with Renee. They have been actually shocked once they realized she was a cheerleader for his soccer crew.

5. Ruby and Kevin met on Twitter. They despatched one another these photographs previous to ever assembly in individual.

four. “My classmate drew this picture during the first day of 7th grade. We couldn’t even imagine that we’d start dating in college.”

three. When Britney began working in a retailer, there was a man who labored subsequent to her. The 2 spent a lot of time chatting on-line with one another earlier than realizing that they labored collectively. That’s how their romance began.

2. “We thought we met on an online dating site. In fact, we met 25 years ago in kindergarten.”

1. After a collection of epileptic seizures that utterly wiped her whole reminiscence, Jessica’s boyfriend, Richard, strived to make her fall in love with him over again.

We’re certain  comfortable second waits for everybody. Or have you ever already skilled the magic contact of future?

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