31 Epic Design Choices That Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong


In pursuit of originality, or maybe as a result of banal stupidity, producers typically utterly overlook about the principle goal of their creations. This is when absurd and completely ridiculous issues are born.

Bright Side collected 31 examples of such fails. When taking a look at them, you’ll have just one query: “Are you serious?”

Why do we want security belts when there’s a bottle opener proper there?

“I needed Red. Guess which one I grabbed at first.”

“Mother-daughter bonding at its finest!”

A 2-in-1 knife and wrench: authentic, inventive, pointless

This is an elegant technique to do away with the countless tangle of wires behind your pc.

If you might be dangerous at taking part in golf, at least you’ll be entertained whereas looking for the ball.

This labyrinth prepares kids for the truth that there may be little which means in life.

A Thermos-blender makes it so handy to measure the required quantity, however…

Uncharged mouse? That’s it. The working day is over.

Just three easy steps to sharing the bathroom along with your cat!

This ashtray is looking for a new which means in life.

This is precisely what each lady desires about: a T-shirt with a image of one other lady in the identical T-shirt.

The designers of this ramp do not appear to like individuals very a lot.

“Worst. Action figure. Ever.”

Growth scale for bicycle choice

Your shirt vastly resembles a bag.

Is this probably the most pointless use of a journey torch?

If you wanted a ramp and not using a step, you need to have mentioned so instantly.

This trunk lid accumulates water, so you’ll be able to’t use it in the rain.

This police automobile is not a automobile at all.

This hair bleach will be simply blended up along with your cornflakes.

This slide with out sides will give new emotions to your little one.

It appears they wish to inform us one thing.

An embossed desk…as a result of you aren’t going to write on it.

“Thanks for the advice!”

It’s a T-short!

On this bundle of laces, there may be not a single picture of sneakers that would wish them.

It’s all about security.

What does it style like?

The greatest place for a strain sensor

I did it!

Have you ever come throughout completely mindless issues like these? Please share your funniest finds in the feedback!

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